Send or bring in your file 

The faster we serve you, the faster you can have your work. That is why we support our online customers with the umake™ online sales and technical representatives that you can contact by clicking the button located at the bottom right corner of your screen. Umake™ also has an online quote form to help our customers get prices fast and easy. To help with preparing your files before quoting, it is good to read our getting started page. For our walk-in customers, you are always welcome to come in and visit our office. It is also nice to give us a call ahead of time so we can serve you best.


Choose a material or Provide your own 

Umake™ online customers have the choice of materials located in the materials section of our website. Materials that are stocked can be used to produce your job very quickly but materials that needs to be ordered in may take up to one week to be completed. If you have a specific material, you can send it to us or bring it in. We welcome our walk-in customers to bring their own desired material or to choose from our selection. For products such as wine glasses, marble plaques or musical instruments that require laser engraving or laser cutting, we advise these be supplied by the customer. 

We do the work  

Umake™ operates around the clock to ensure a fast production lead time for our customers so while you are sleeping, we are laser cutting & engraving your designs. The Umake™ team is comprised of qualified designers and manufacturing technicians insuring a high level of skill and quality of designs and production. After our customers have reviewed the drawing setup documents, requested their online quote and chosen their payment method, we take care of the rest. If we have a question regarding your job, we will contact you via your desired contact method.

Flat Pack and Ship or Customer Collection 

Umake™ is a North American manufacturer so it falls under the North America Free Trade Agreement. This means our North American customers do not have to pay customs or duty tax. This is a huge saving for our business customers. Because we can ship large volume, we receive a discounted rates from our carrier and these savings are passed directly to our customers. You can also pick up your order directly to our factory, just let us know when you plan to pass by and we will prepare your package.